After Builders Cleaning


We, at  Eli Cleaning Ltd, fully understand that it is always difficult to get rid of the mess once you get your home builders, construction or renovation work done.

Construction is a messy process. Our cleaners will do the magic, so you can come to a brilliant new home and experience the full joy of it.


There are numerous sub contractors that come into the home being built and pay no attention to what others are doing in the home. Construction workers may come in and put wood floor or  wood wardrobe or something else inside the home and create a tremendous amount of dust in the home and  masters not think twice about what they are doing.


The new construction cleaning crew's goal is to get the home ready for you to move in clean house.

We from  Eli Cleaning Ltd would clean the entire interior of the home. We cleaning all surfaces,removing dust built up on ceilings and walls, thorough dusting of all surfaces. clean inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers, wipe down all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves, wardrobes etc.


Clean all glass inside and out from where available from paint and building material. And removing/cleaning paint and building material,of surfaces as well,removing stickers, polishing furniture, cleaning floors and skirting boards.


Vacuuming all carpeted areas, etc. Usually the post construction cleaning crew would come and detail the home after all the construction workers have left and just before you are moving in house

Please note that we garantee the quality of the provided service only untill the first person entering the property! Please note that charges include provisions of cleaning products and equipment , who will spend as long time as needed at the property to ensure achievement at the highest possible standard!


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