Office Cleaning


Eli Cleaning Ltd offers a Professional, Efficient and Thorough service to keep your workplace gleaming.


We understand how important it is to have a clean and presentable facility in today's competitive business world.


Our carefully vetted team are fully trained, experienced and regularly supervised, to ensure that all cleaning requirements are satisfied.

Our service is both dedicated and flexible, just let us know if you need our cleaning technicians early morning or late evening, daily or weekly!
Our professional cleaners can work outside working hours and during the weekends to ensure that the service provided is flexible, reliable and efficient.


Office Cleaning 


If you choose us to do your office cleaning we will be responsible for cleaning the floors, windows and furniture. In order to clean floors, office cleaners need to vacuum carpets, and mop and sweep hardwood floors. Window and wall treatments may include using sponges and squeegees soaked in soapy water. Additional cleaning duties may include dusting electronic devices, taking out trash, wiping down bathroom facilities, polishing furniture and recycling. Cleanliness can be a very important factor for good employee performance in any working environment.


We can provide cleaners to suit your business needs, from contract cleaning involving many cleaners on a daily basis to cleaning that requires just one cleaner for a couple of hours a week. 


Please note: There is a minimum of 3 hours per Cleaning Visit


Cleaning materials can be provided by Eli Cleaning Ltd at additional cost


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