Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is another great service that Eli Cleaning Ltd offers.


It is designed to clean and disinfect virtually any surface without using chemicals and detergents. It improves indoor air quality and protects the environment.

It represents a unique and versatile ecological cleaning system and is not a vacuum nor a wet and dry cleaner. Using only ordinary tap water, it cleans and disinfects with scouring jets of superheated dry steam instead of harsh chemicals and detergents that endanger the health of our children, friends, neighbours and the whole environment.
It exterminates germs and bacteria in all corners of your bathroom, eliminating odour and leaving it all perfectly clean.



We from Eli Cleaning Ltd also offer Steam Cleaning for the following items:

Oven, Fridge, Stove, Grill, Freezer and almost any Household or Office appliance.
We also use it for Sinks, Taps, Showers, Shower Curtains, Baths, Porcelain, Chrome, Work Surface Tops, Cabinets, Painted Surfaces, Wallpaper, Panelling, Ceramic tiles and Grout and last but not least Windows, Window Frames, Screens and Mirrors.



Steam cleaning


Microwaves - £18.00

Standard oven - 600mm
(Racks and shelves included)
Oven Single - £40.00
Oven Double- £50.00

Counters  Fridges/ Freezers -   £30.00
Full height Fridges/ Freezers - £40.00
Dishwashers - £25.00


Please note: Minimum charge - £50.00



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